Kenyon C. Bolton III & Associates

"A small firm serving both residential and institutional clients, our architectural practice fully embraces landscape and interior design. Expansion of the architectural vision to include landscape and interiors is an honorable American tradition. This unified approach was exemplified during the great period of American home building between 1900 and 1940 by outstanding architects such as David Adler in Chicago, Charles Platt in New York, William Bottomly in Richmond, and Philip Shutze in Atlanta.

We have been involved in decoration since 1966, when our firm redecorated several Boston-area clubs. Because interiors frequently differ markedly, and we strive to be attuned to the often highly specific needs and wishes or individual clients, we are not known for any one point of view or "look".

Landscaping was a natural adjunct to new house projects. Setting being an inherent part of a house's design, we are understandably interested in being involved in site selection for new houses that we design.

In recent years, we have increasingly been involved in the design of gardens associated with renovation projects. When appropriate, we collaborate with other professionals in the preparation, and supervision of the implementation, of a landscape design. Such collaboration has taken many forms, its degree dictated by what we deem to be the best response to the requirements of the project and desires of the client. At a minimum, we seek local advice in the selection of plant materials. We may design the planting effects in collaboration with a landscape designer who chooses and installs the materials or engage in a complete collaboration between our office and that of a landscape architect. In every case, flexibility is the hallmark of our approach.

Those who find it easier and more cost effective to deal with one provider of architecture, landscape and interior design will find out firm willing and able to deliver these interrelated services. Whether engaged thus, or to provide interior or landscape design independently of architectural work, we share with out clients a commitment to excellence." -KCB

Publications: Earl, Polly Anne. Palm Beach: An Architectural Legacy. New York: Rizzoli International Publications, 2002.


Robert I. Ballinger Award
for excellence in architecture, 1988

Cambridge Historical Commission 2003
Preservation Award Winner for work at 9 Linden St.